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About Us

Concrete Roofing Products Limited (Company No 1142800) was first formed in 1970 as the manufacturing division of a long established family roofing business. The company has traded as Celstone since 2000, when production of roofing stone and slate from a sister company was relocated.

Directors of the company are Max Abraham, Jeremy Abraham and David Poole. Jeremy is also a director of the sister company, Max Abraham Roofing Contractors Limited, who specialise in roofing contracts, the supply of new and reclaimed roofing materials and is a member of the National Federation of Roofing Contractors.

Celstone manufactures a comprehensive range of roofing products from both concrete and GRC.

Our ridge tiles are manufactured from concrete using both modern machinery extrusion processes and by hand. Ridges come in a number of lengths, varying angles, have a through body colour and can have an acrylic coating or granular finish.

Air, Gas and Tile Vents are made using new tiles and ridges or can be manufactured using reclaimed or the customers own roofing materials.

Crested and ornamental Finial ridges can be manufactured to the customer’s requirements.

Architects, Specifiers and Builders have always appreciated the beauty and aesthetic appeal that natural quarried slates and flags afford. Today however, a worsening problem exists with short supply and prohibitive costs making it impossible or too expensive to specify traditional materials once taken for granted. With this in mind, we have created a range of handmade slates and tiles which are individually cast in moulds taken from the original quarried materials. The finished product faithfully recreates the charm and individuality of the natural looking roof at an affordable price.

We have combined modern technology with specified moulding techniques to produce a range of quality slates which offer long term durability, strength, character and which guarantees that no two slated are exactly alike.

Celstone slates are available as standard in Welsh Gray, Lakeland Green, Heather, Light and Dark Stone colours, or can be made to the customer requirements.